Efficiency. Sustainability. All in One.

It is time we embrace HEAT PUMP as a truly modern water heating device, as agreed by major governments around the globe. When applied correctly, the multiplied efficiency of heat pump makes it the prominent energy-efficient method in hot water supply.

Going Green is not a Compromise.

We all know it is time to do something for the world against global warming. In JF Thermal, we do our part by letting clients know that while saving our mother planet, using heat pump is also a huge upgrade to their premises, not to mention the operation cost savings in the long run.

Customised just for You.

As a company of heating system, we have a technical team to serve your inquiry from preliminary design to after sale service, ensuring our equipment to be properly applied and operating to your expectation. You are always welcome to contact us for proposal to meet with your specific requirement or for service of equipment.

Your Total Heating Solution.

From home radiator to commercial heat pump to industrial steam system,
JF Thermal has always been Your Total Heating Solution,
based in Hong Kong since 1991.

Where can you find a JF Heat Pump System?

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Modernise your Heating Systems

Join the world in the grand mission to achieve carbon neutrality by using heat pumps the right way. For the sake of environmental protection, ESG compliance, or maybe just the savings in energy bill, it is time to revolutionise the way we heat up water. The professional team of engineers in JF Thermal will be pleased to serve, aiming to design and build for you a heat pump system that performs and lasts.